The "Bubbling Spring"

This is the common translation of the Chinese acupuncture point, Kidney 1, the beginning of the water channel. It is located at the lowest energetic point in the body, on the bottom of the foot, behind the ball of the foot, in the depression in the center of the sole. This point is of great significance in the practice of TaiJi Quan. It is our connection with the earth.

In Chinese, this point is yong(3) quan(2).

The first character, , yong, means surge, well up, gush. It is comprised of several radicals. The left part, is the abbreviated form of water, showing water drops. The other part shows a bud opening over the phonetic element. This piece is on top of , the radical for strength. The idea of bursting forth with strength combined with water gives the meaning of surging water.

The Second character, , quan(2) means spring, fountainhead. The upper part, is a rising sun, and implies, white, bright, clear. The lower part, is water. Together, the bright white water is a fountain head or spring.

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