Some Choreographic Possibilities for Students with Total Hip Replacements

Carl Hendel, M.D. 8/00

In the first section, which is all I teach to seniors, our postures are directed to the cardinal directions. In the second section, we address the corners. Some beautiful and safe variations of the choreography can be discovered for studuents with Total Hip Replacement by addressing the corners in many of the postures of the first section.

For example, after Raising of hands, turning the right toe out to the corner allows Wardoff Left to face forward easily. Then, addressing the right corner, enter Wardoff Right and continue through Grasping the Sparrow's Toe. Single Whip faces tthe left corner, Lifting Hands faces forward. White Crane until Crossing Hands is to the corner, then finishing to the front.

This is one possiblity. I'm sure there are others. This can be part of the creativity of teaching. I again stress that students not assume that this is a recommended change in the the Cheng Man Ching (Zheng Man Qing) form, merely an adaptation that will safely allow this wonderful exercise to practiced safely for students with medical concerns such as Total Hip Replacement.