Awakening the Inner Healer

Interactive Imagerysm and Pain Management

We all have the powerful ability to heal from the inside out. In order to cultivate this process, we get in touch with our Inner Healer. The Inner Healer is wise and loving, compassionate, patient and forgiving. Our Inner Healer knows all about what is going on inside us. It knows about our pain, our struggles, and where the lessons are to be found. The Inner Healer has access to the unconscious mind, the internal pharmacy, and knows the path through the wilderness of pain.

Our Inner Healer is an innate gift. However, in our present-day disconnect of our bodies from our minds, this marvelous resource is hibernating. It is not difficult to awaken the Inner Healer. The first step is to learn how to quiet the body and mind and be truly present with what is, even though it may be painful. The process of progressive relaxation is a first step. The three minute Relaxation Response is a wonderful exercise, and extending the time to 6, 8, or more minutes is a natural gateway to mindful meditation. In the Interactive process, a trained professional guides you as you learn to navigate in the powerful realm of the imagination. We cultivate a special place, one of positive support where wisdom is available. We invite an image for our Inner Healer and develop a meaningful relationship. We dialog with our pain, learn about its qualities, what it needs from us, and more. We develop healing imagery, inviting the image to change. As has been said elsewhere in these writings, "first in the mind, then in the body." The link between the body and the mind is the neurochemistry that results from our images.

When we bring sincerity to our healing work, there is growth , progress, and often, change!

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