Fibromyalgia's 11 of 18 tender points


Throughout history, we have known that specific locations in the body can become painful and tender. The ancient Chinese found an entire system of meridians or energy channels which have been extensively studied and described. Dr. Janet Travell's wonderful contributions to our understanding of trigger points and Dr. Larry Jones's brilliant work with counterstrain techniques at specific points, clearly validates the concept of "energetic anatomy." Clairvoyants from all ages have "seen" our energy nature. We are beautiful, glowing, radiant beings, with spinning wheels of light (chakras.)

Our bodies and our minds are connected. When we hurt in our body, that affects our mind, and, when we hurt in our mind, it affects our body! When there is disharmony, injury or sickness, the energy nature can get deficient, stagnant, and congested, and this reflects in our bodies as "stuck stuff." This is a cause of pain.

The so-called 18 points are known in all of the above "systems" in one way or another. Many are common places that people hurt. Some have energetic functions to improve movement of energy, etc. Typically, in FMS, the are tender/trigger points in all four quadrants of the body, and are most often symmetrical and paired.

Inviting the "stuck" energy to move again is the basis of many therapies that have proven useful in the management of fibromyalgia. Counterstrain techniques, myofascial release, trigger point work, acupuncture, shiatsu, qi gong, taiji, therapeutic touch and others may bring pain relief.

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