The Nature of Knowledge

The Pitfalls of Science as Religion

Medicare Discrimination

A Question for the Surgeon General

A Misunderstood Miracle

The Placebo Effect

healthcare crisis !

pre-existing conditions (my scary dream )

Division of Herbal Safety and Standards

Herbal Safety

false memories? maybe not.

Opinion on a controversy

Qi and the Fascia

The Mysterious Meridians

Is Energy a Dirty Word?

The Rhythmic Energy Being


a brief review and Integrative Medicine perspective

Chinese Physical Diagnosis and Western Medicine

Conversations with an Allopath

the therapeutic touch debate

comments about naive thinking

re-thinking medical educaton --

Awakening the Inner Healer

health plan for the 21st Century

A letter to Bill Clinton

the cranial rhythm

the personal experience




Silly? Maybe not!

its about time

the pencil sharpener and the end of the world



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